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I'm your Young Living silver leader, Bethany Barkey! Our community has a lot of facebook groups,  giveaways, sales, resources, and classes. I hope this little round-up is helpful and simple way to find your way around what is going on in our wellness community!! 


Did you know you can follow our team's favorite tips on FB and IG? You're more than welcome to share your oily tips and tricks you've learned along the way. Just make sure your profile or photo is public and then tag your pictures with #sweetoilsocial


Every year our team does 30 days of red!! Two years ago I did 30 days of red and never looked back to life without Ningxia. So there is your warning... you will be hooked! Those joining 30 days of red will be entered to win one of these items:

  • NINGXIA RED FOR A YEAR!!! (1 winner)
  • APPLE WATCH (1 winner)
  • NINGXIA NITRO (12 winners)
  • NINGXIA ZYNG (12 winners)

Place your order between TODAY and July 20th, to be entered to win one of SIX brand new LANTERN diffusers!!  πŸ’—πŸ’—

Ready to enter the giveaway?!

4. Come back here in August to fill out the form sharing what you think!!

Seems impossible we are getting ready to head back to school!! This time of year can create a bit of chaos in our homes and bring a lot of emotions. Casey share's her tips in the video above and below is our team school ready class, team exclusive college facebook group, and teacher gift ideas! We want to help all our teachers and students get prepared and oil ready!!

More Back to School Ideas from Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton:

Part 1: Immune Support 

Part 2: Focus 

Part 3: Sleep 

Part 4: Study Support 


starter kit

July promos


One of the best ways to try new, FREE products is through the amazing promos Young Living offers us! Every month Young Living throws in goodies with seasonal needs in mind. Ask your sponsor to learn more about this month's promo or check out this post in the Dive into Wellness facebook group.


DIVE INTO WELLNESS is an interactive introduction to Young Living and our community. We don't want any starter kits sitting un-opened on a shelf collecting dust. Scroll through, re-visit anytime, search for tips, ask questions, invite your friends! This group is open to anyone not a member of Young Living yet.

Upcoming Classes

July 23- 28 / Babies and Bellies

July 30-Aug 4Heart of Young Living

Aug 6-10 / Mindful Consuming




This is a group provided by some of our awesome leaders for women learning to use essential oils for the specific needs of motherhood!

 This product group is a goldmine for women wanting to use nutrition and essential oils for hormone balance and support.

In depth classes, descriptions, and testimonies on so many of our favorite plant-based products and essential oils.

If you have a lot of questions Baby Steps is for you! This group has a community thread every day just for getting our members questions answered.


You are never obligated to refer people to Young Living! However, it's so nice that we can support our oils habit by sharing with friends! 

Make your referral link:
1) Login to your Virtual Office
2) Click Member Resources
3) Click Link Builder

Save your link. Now any time your friends and family eye your oils, ningxia, and diffusers you can hook-up them up with a premium starter kit with your link. Once they order add them to our team facebook groups where they can learn all the things!

No classes, no teaching required. The only requirement is that you have placed a $50 order the same month that your friends order. If you just ordered your premium starter kit you're all set to refer friends for the month. 

No Limits. Earn $50 for each friend buying their very first premium starter kit. Referring 4 friends, you will have made $200 to support your oils habit! There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer.

Have a friend joining us?! Welcome them to our community with these cute graphics! Text them, email them, print them, or whatever they will prefer. Then go through the new member road map below to make sure your friend has everything they need.